Portrait of Tamir Bechor

Tamir Bechor is a research fellow in Claremont Graduate University¹s Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT). He also teaches in CGU’s Transdisciplinary Program. His teaching interests focus on the competencies and practices needed to unlock and strengthen managers’ abilities to deliver desired business value through the use of disruptive digital technologies.

Bechor has extensive knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. His knowledge and experience in handling national security problems contributes to his capabilities and knowledge in the classroom and in his academic research. Bechor examines the nature of cyber-threats that shape the digital economy and offers strategies by which companies build digital trust.

Bechor received his PhD from Tel Aviv University in Israel before establishing his career at CGU. Bechor is a permanent member of the advisory board for the AutoUni, the Institute for Information Technology (IFI) of the Volkswagen Group. Bechor has a track record in providing comprehensive information and cybersecurity solutions worldwide for a range of technologies and industries. He has received invitations and has participated as a keynote and panelist at leading institutions. Bechor is a co-founder of an automotive cyber security company CYMOTIVE Technologies developing next generation of cyber security solutions for connected/autonomous vehicles.

Co-authored with Seev Neumann, et al. “A contingency model for estimating success of strategic information systems planning.” Information & Management 47, no. 1 (2010): 17–29.

Co-authored with Seev Neumann and Moshe Zviran. Strategic Is Planning: A Success Estimation Model. Tel Aviv, Israel: Tel Aviv University, 2000.

Co-authored with Sarah Tomerlin, et al. “Sony Picture Entertainment Breach: The Hack of the Century.” The Case Center, reference no. 916-0027-1, 2016.

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