The Center for Information Systems & Technology’s design-centric research approach trains students to evaluate the effectiveness of designed solutions and measure their impact on improving human performance and addressing societal challenges.

At CISAT, we find solutions. Spanning applications in education, health, government, business, and more, our research is hands on, technically focused, and industry oriented. We believe creativity, combined with high-quality training in research methods and existing theory, can shape good, efficient design solutions that simultaneously broaden knowledge in the field, enhance human performance, and make the world a better place.


Research Centers

Advanced GIS Lab

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The Advanced GIS Lab focuses on advanced spatial analysis and the research and development of advanced GIS solutions.


Data Science Lab

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The overarching goal of the Data Science Lab is to provide a team-learning experience for students who are interested in data science and analytics.


Innovations Design Empowerment Applications (IDEA) Labs

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The mission of the IDEA Labs (Innovations Design Empowerment Applications) at Claremont Graduate University is to design, research and develop IT artifacts that can help solve human and social problems in domains like chronic disease management, social media, and health care.


Teamwork with Information Systems and Technology

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The mission of TwIST is to learn more about how social software can promote learning and collaborative research in a virtual environment.

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