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The Women’s & Gender Studies Certificate equips you with a professional credential for teaching careers at all levels in the areas of women’s, feminist, masculinity, and queer studies.

This interdisciplinary course of study analyzes women’s and gender studies through the lens of intersectionality—including race, class, sexuality, and location—providing a framework for understanding gender theory, research, and practice as well as the social dimension of gender with regard to femininities and masculinities. You will collaborate with faculty-scholars from an array of disciplines, including women’s studies, behavioral science, management, education, and more. In addition to preparing you for a teaching career, this certificate can also be applied to careers in health services, business, public policy, government, and nonprofit organizations.

The certificate is available to students enrolled in a CGU degree program as well as students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and wish to enroll at CGU as a certificate status student. The certificate requirement is the completion of four courses relevant to Women’s & Gender Studies. Electives may be selected from the CGU class schedule or from curricular offerings from the Intercollegiate Department of Women’s Studies of The Claremont Colleges (always with prior approval of the program director and a faculty advisor). All courses may count toward both the degree program in which a student is enrolled and the WGS Certificate, with the approval of an academic advisor. The program can be completed in two semesters.

Program at a Glance

16 units

2 semesters

*Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring

Applied Women’s Studies

Certificate in Women’s & Gender Studies

Featured Courses

WGS 301
Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies

Introduces to key historical and theoretical concepts in women and gender studies from transnational and interdisciplinary perspectives.

WGS 321
Gender, Race & Social Policy

Examines the role of political and social institutions in shaping social policy through the intersection of race, class, gender and sexuality in the American welfare state.

WGS 325
Reproductive Health: Gender, Race, Politics & Justice

Studies the social, political, and cultural aspects of reproductive health through the lenses of gender, race, and global development.

WGS 326
Politics, Policy & Feminist Theory: Health & Safety

Applies feminist theory and research methods to specific questions of politics and public policy through in-depth readings, discussions, and case studies providing feminist approaches to women’s health and safety.

REL 317
Globalization, Culture & Religion: Feminization of Poverty

Reflects on the challenges faced by the world’s poor living within an integrated and globalized economy with a particular focus on women using tools from political science, economics, behavioral sciences, the humanities, and gender studies.

WGS 307
Psychology of Gender

Surveys the field of the psychology of gender with research and theory to understand the ways in which gender-related expectations and gender stereotypes interact with social and economic conditions to affect the lives of women and men.

Program Requirements

16 units of approved coursework, including the required course: “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies”


Four courses: Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies and three electives at CGU or Intercollegiate Department of Women’s Studies.

Faculty & Research

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