Created by popular demand for alumni and by alumni, the CGU Alumni Association is intended to be a unifying group, giving all 23,000 of us one powerful voice. Regardless of the school, department, or program in which you studied, CGUAA is meant to bring all alumni together for your benefit.

Our mission is to create a mutual and sustainable culture of pride, participation, and philanthropy—aligned with today’s CGU. Active participants will experience the benefits of this association in many ways, including:

  • Creating and cultivating career-networking opportunities
  • Making new friends with diverse careers and backgrounds.
  • Enjoying events organized by the association as well as by our alma mater.
  • Receiving wider recognition for our successes in our professions.

We would like to thank CGU President Len Jessup and the offices of Alumni Engagement and Advancement for their support as we launch this association.

We encourage and welcome you to engage in this new venture.

Multa lumina lux una.