Affiliated Schools

The mission of the BESTLab is to translate basic and cutting-edge research in behavioral economics into tools, interventions, and practices that can be used to improve outcomes and enhance societal well-being.

The BESTLab aims at integrating behavioral research with education and practice. We take the point of view that the best way to educate the next generation of scholars, policy analysts, and world leaders is to involve them in hands-on problem solving challenges that can be tackled through a behavioral and transdisciplinary approach. The BESTLab is composed of experts in quantitative methods, experimental economics, behavioral economics, policy evaluation, health policy, corruption, and cognitive and computational psychology. We also collaborate with labs and centers at other U.S. institutions and institutions around world.

The BESTLab provides students with the opportunity to be part of a transdisciplinary team. We involve students in the design of interventions, the collection and analysis of data, and the preparation of reports and research papers. Consistent with our mission, those who join our lab learn through practice how to translate basic and cutting-edge behavioral economics research into tools, policies, and interventions.

For more information, please visit our website or contact C. Monica Capra.