Affiliated Schools

The Claremont Center for the Mathematical Sciences (CCMS) promotes collaborative research and creative teaching among the institutions of the Claremont Consortium. CCMS has two main themes: research and outreach.

Research activities of the Center pursue initiatives that enhance collaborative research on campus—including faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students. Outreach activities include teaching, services, and diversity. Teaching in Claremont has a fine reputation, and the Center will provide programs that emphasize superior teaching practices, especially in reaching out to the wider mathematical community, which is international in scope. The Center sponsors and organizes such common services as the weekly math colloquium and a variety of weekly research seminars. CCMS supports and is a focus for the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) summer programs. As a contribution toward diversity, the Center actively recruits and involves minority math students and faculty in all the Center activities and provides the support for our tiered mentoring programs.