The Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC) is internationally renowned and helps guide Claremont Graduate University’s wide range of professional evaluation services, professional development training, and certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods.

Home to many renowned scholars and practitioners in the field of evaluation, the CEC offers a range of business services, including evaluation, program design/redesign, needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation training, and capacity building, as well as a wide range of management consulting and coaching services. The center also organizes the American Evaluation Association’s Graduate Education Diversity Internship program, e-Learning Initiatives in consultation with UNICEF and the Rockefeller Foundation, the Annual Claremont Professional Development Workshops in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods, The Evaluators’ Institute (TEI), the Evaluation & Society Books Series, and much more.

The Claremont Evaluation Center offers a variety of programs in Claremont, California; Washington D.C.; New York; and Chicago. The headquarters for the Evaluator’s Institute is located in Washington D.C. and is directed by Stewart I. Donaldson. Stewart I. Donaldson serves as Executive Director, with Michael Scriven as Co-Director and Tarek Azzam and Tiffany Berry serving as Associate Directors. Omara Turner currently serves as Director of Operations and Research.

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