Affiliated Schools

The Computational Justice Lab (CJL) integrates computer and social sciences to examine issues relating to civil, criminal, and social justice. The lab integrates faculty members from across the Claremont Colleges as well as researchers from top-tier research universities throughout the world to engage in research that addresses pressing issues and fill important data gaps relating to justice issues.

The CJL focuses on the causal effects of different aspects of justice policies and practices on the well-being of individual civil liberties. For example, our team is currently working to identify the long-term impact of pre-trial jail detention for defendants, the identification of human trafficking victims, and policies to enhance the safety of citizens and police officers that are driven by data science techniques that learn from large corpuses of text and body camera footage.

The approach to the CJL is to integrate groups of students and faculty into highly collaborative teams. Students gain hands-on experience in research and engagement with public sector agencies while learning about cutting edge techniques in both computer and social sciences. In this way, students are learning not only the research methods, but also successful ways to integrate their research with end-users and partnering organizations. If you’d like to learn more about CJL, please contact Greg DeAngelo (