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METRICS Lab stands for the Methodological Examination of Teams Research in Inter-Cultural Settings Laboratory. Accordingly, our main goal is to help organizations maximize the benefits of cultural diversity in their teams. As part of this effort, we engage in a plethora of projects, ranging from more theoretical (e.g., role of culture for team’s assumptions; Feitosa et al., 2018) to empirical (e.g., meta-analysis of team trust measurement; Feitosa et al., 2020) work. Our lab members follow the 7 C’s Golden Rules:

The METRICS Lab is directed by Jenn Feitosa, who has published in a number of outlets, including Journal of Organizational Behavior, American Psychologist, Psychological Assessment, Human Resources Management Review, and presented over 50 times in conferences. Furthermore, she is in the editorial board of Small Groups Research, and her work has been featured at APA monitor and