November 9, 2021

Wired for Success: Drucker Couple’s Gift Boosts Networking Opportunities for Students

FOSTERING STUDENT CONNECTIONS: Drucker alumni Andrew and Saori Casey have given a gift to the Drucker School of Management that will increase student opportunities for mentoring and related outreach.

For Drucker School alumni Andrew Casey (MBA ’96) and Saori Casey (MBA ’95), the most critical factors in student success—or business success—are connection and communication.

Over the years, they have personally demonstrated that at CGU as members of the Drucker advisory board, as mentors to current students, and as hosts of student visits to their companies.

Now, in an effort to further develop the opportunities for Drucker students to connect with alumni, a new gift  from the Caseys to the Drucker School of Management will go a long way toward enhancing relationships between students and alumni, providing personalized experiences with potential employers, and expanding information about career opportunities.

The Casey gift will be manifested in three areas: a digital platform that will enhance relationships between students and alumni, personalized experiences with potential employers, and the installation of state-of-the-art communications equipment.

A Platform with a Global Reach

The new digital platform supported by the Caseys will enable students to connect with alumni worldwide by offering services that embed mentoring, alumni affinity groups, and programming opportunities. In addition, alumni can determine their level of involvement by choosing how and when they want to mentor and whether it takes place in an individual, group, or program setting.

Personalized experiences with employers will enable students and alumni to network more effectively. Several small-scale events will support interaction and one-on-one introductions among students, alumni, and industry professionals.

Funds from the gift will also enhance that section of the Drucker School building designated as the Drucker Career Suite. Smart televisions and additional technological resources will be installed to connect students directly with alumni and industry professionals.

In addition, a room in the Burkle building will be equipped with the technology necessary for virtual and telephone interviews. This area will offer a secure and quiet space with a Wi-Fi connection and computer equipment for students to speak directly with employers.

Andrew Casey is the chief financial officer of WalkMe, a software-as-service company based in the Bay Area; Saori Casey is vice president of corporate financial planning at Apple.