Dakota Noot student art work entitled Dakota. a pen drawing of himself as a mythical creature.

My work acts as a code. I draw from symbols of my rural background in North Dakota, twisting and collaging them into new forms. I don’t reject my past; if anything, it haunts me. I want to translate the tension between North Dakota and California into my work. By mashing together different artistic styles, I can create a hybridized identity not just for myself but for others like me. I search for community through art. I want my personal experience to be universal even if it fails.

Dakota Noot was raised in Bismarck, North Dakota. He graduated with a BFA and teaching licensure in 2015. He will graduate with an MFA in 2017, focusing on drawing and painting. His work has been shown both in North Dakota and California.

Artwork by Dakota Noot ’17


Art Department