Jennifer King Student art Seeing you Seeing Me Seeing you, oil on canvas of woman grasping her knees

Painting primarily in oils on canvas, my work confronts themes of feminine identity in contemporary life. I create images through a mix of the imagined and the observed, focusing on the female form. The figures I paint exude feelings of uncertainty, unease, disconnect, but also strength and heightened awareness. There exists a sense of longing and desire to break out of her confined space, to be a strong female individual, ignoring anyone’s expectations. Subtle expressions are contrasted with vibrant colors; her way of grabbing your attention. My goal with this project is to paint women in an empowering way.

Jennifer King is a Los Angeles based figurative artist, working primarily in oil paint, and considering themes of female identity, power, and femininity. Having graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BFA in Painting and Drawing, she is now attending Claremont Graduate University. She will graduate in the Spring of 2017 with her MFA.

Artwork by Jennifer King ’17


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