Artwork by Jian Liang

My work is mainly figurative and I use people of my daily life as my models. I work a variety of materials on my paintings and drawings. Working in multi-media allows me to create various visual effects through the manipulation of the material. With my paintings and drawings, I incorporate the idea of self-identity and the expression of one’s internal emotions. The use of the figures expresses personal feelings and at the same times a recognition of the artist’s identity.

Jian Liang was born in Guangdong, China and moved to Los Angeles with her family at the age of 12. She currently art instructor at an arts and design school, working with children from the ages 4 to 10. Jian received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cal Poly Pomona in 2014 and is a current graduate student in Claremont Graduate University in pursuit of her Master of Fine Arts degree.

Artwork by Jian Liang ’18


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