Artwork by Xinjie Yin

In the process of meeting myself in the art world, I figure out that the most important theme in my art are color and cuteness. Cuteness is my philosophy. On one hand, I love the process of mixing colors, matching colors and creating my own fantastic colors by using any tools or materials. I love painting, and I am trying to use different colors to bring people different feelings and emotions. On the other hand, I would like to use my skills and techniques on painting and drawing to create a both abstract and realistic world. Beauty is also important in my art. I like to use my illustration works to tell a story to my audience and to express what I love and hate. I love things that are cute and think that many works in art world embodies loveliness and children’s hearts somehow. These elements could make the works more unique and individual. Simple and lovely works surely can tell big ideas just like Aesop’s Fables in which are all short and easy understanding stories but with profound philosophers in them.

The process that I become an “artist” is unpredictable. In other words, in many of important transitioning points in my life, I have changed my thoughts and plans many times. What I firmly believe is only when we tried, can we know what we are really fond of. I have two years study in Shanghai Normal University, majoring in environmental design; and graduated from University of La Verne majoring in Studio art. I am also attending the MFA program in Claremont Graduate University.

I love cuteness; cuteness is my philosophy. Artists I love and was influenced by are Nara Yoshitomo, Yayoi Kusama, Aya Takano, and Takashi Murakami. I love Nara for his distinctive style and also how he represents the story of his girls. In other words, it is cute but also full of content. For Yayoi, I love her works related to the infinite repetition of a compulsion. The world she created is so crazy and desired.

From my own perspective, one’s works are related to their family, growth environment and their own experiences. Art comes from life and experiences; therefore, my works are created from my positive attitude towards life and my own personalities. I hope I can create the works that can make people happy and comfortable; at the same time, I was feeling happy when I made those pieces. Having my own unique style, expressing my ideas through my work, doing whatever I like that can make me happy, free, and relaxed are playing an extremely important role in my art world. I love figurative painting instead of abstracting painting, I hope my works can be more mature during the two years study in Claremont and hope to become a post-modernism artist dealing with pop art.

Artwork by Xinjie Yin ’18


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