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Claremont Graduate University’s Allies of Dreamers Certificate program trains you to understand the needs and challenges of undocumented youth and their families to provide support to this underserved population.

The first program of its kind nationally, Allies of Dreamers is a graduate‐level certificate program that provides the historical context, theoretical framework, and specific knowledge needed by K-12 teachers and administrators, student affairs professionals in higher education, and community leaders to offer mentorship and advocacy for Dreamers and other undocumented students. Supported by faculty and students from CGU, University of California Irvine, Pomona College, and California State University, Los Angeles, the Allies of Dreamers program seeks to fill the growing demand for trained individuals who are committed to ensuring undocumented students are protected, fully integrated into K‐12 schools, and have the necessary support and preparation to access college and successfully transition to graduate school and the workforce.

Among other skills, program participants will learn best practices to integrate undocumented students in the classroom, college campuses, and society, will develop skills to be an informed advocate and help students navigate the educational system, and will gain comprehensive understanding of law and policy affecting Dreamers in K-12 and higher education.

Learn more about why teachers are training themselves to be Dreamer allies (PBS NewsHour).



Program at a Glance

8 units
Coursework is sequential in nature. Designed to have students complete 4 units in the fall term followed by 4 units in the spring term.

2 semesters

*Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.


Allies of Dreamers Certificate

Featured Courses

EDUC 419
Undocumented Experiences: Historical & Contemporary Perspectives

Introduces students to the critical study of U.S. immigration and citizenship by exploring the historical, political, legal, social, and cultural factors that have shaped the experiences of unauthorized immigrants.

EDUC 420
Higher Education Access & Professional Experiences for Undocumented Youth

Examines seminal scholarship on higher education access and workforce transition for undocumented students, focusing on state and federal policies that have expanded this access.

EDUC 421
Working With & for Undocumented Students

Explores the barriers that undocumented students and families face and how to effectively support them as they navigate these barriers in their lives and educational journeys.

EDUC 422
Promoting Wellness in Undocumented Populations & The Allies Who Support Them

Addresses how advocates and allies can promote wellness among undocumented populations as well as maintain their own personal and professional well-being while providing support for others.


The Allies of Dreamers Certificate requires the completion of four courses comprising 8 units of study:

EDUC 419: Undocumented Experiences: Historical & Contemporary Perspectives (2 units)
EDUC 420: Higher Education Access & Professional Experiences for Undocumented Youth (2 units)

EDUC 421: Working With & For Undocumented Students (2 units)
EDUC 422: Promoting Wellness in Undocumented Populations & The Allies Who Support Them (2 units)

Coursework is designed to be taken sequentially, with EDUC 419 & 420 in the fall and EDUC 421 & 422 in the spring.

Faculty & Research

Dreamer Coalition: Program Advisory Board
  • Dr. Laureen Adams
  • Gabriela Amel Peralta
  • Rene Amel Peralta
  • Ana M. Barragan
  • Dr. Anita Casavantes Bradford
  • Dr. Laura E. Enriquez
  • Dr. Miriam Feldblum
  • Miguel Hernandez Carvente
  • Dr. Elena Macias
  • Maria Melendrez
  • Dr. Gloria Montiel
  • Martha Arhemi Morales
  • Iliana Perez
  • Dr. Anita Quintanar
  • Jessica Valenzuela

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