The School of Educational Studies at Claremont Graduate University is a place where education professionals will find opportunities for dynamic, field-based research within a real transdisciplinary academic environment.

We know the best way to prepare great educators is by applying theory and research to existing challenges in the field: real-world experience. Practice-based learning is at the heart of our research approach—you’ll take a broad-based, hands-on approach to educational practice that will enable you to tackle the most pressing challenges facing the field of education.


Research Centers and Affiliates

The Bowen Institute

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The Bowen Institute for Policy Studies in Higher Education exists to facilitate academic activity in the area of public studies, understood broadly to span both public policy and system/institutional policy in higher education.


Lecture Series

Media Library

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The School of Educational Studies offers several different series of lectures on current topics in education from leaders in the field.


Scholarly Journal

Higher Education Abstracts

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Higher Education Abstracts is a quarterly compilation of abstracts of journal articles pertaining to college students, faculty, administrators, and related topics in higher education.


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