The School of Educational Studies (SES) is home to renowned faculty conducting high-quality education and policy research. SES faculty-scholars provide students individualized attention and professional mentorship, collaborating with and guiding them across the graduate school experience.


Core Faculty
Jacob Adams profile image

Jacob Adams

Professor of Education

Deborah Faye Carter profile image

Deborah Faye Carter

Associate Professor of Higher Education

David Drew profile image

David Drew

Professor of Education
Joseph B. Platt Chair in the Management of Technology

DeLacy Ganley profile image

DeLacy Ganley

Dean, School of Educational Studies
Professor of Education

Gwen Garrison profile image

Gwen Garrison

Associate Professor of Education
Director of Educational Evaluation and Data Analysis

Frances Marie Gipson profile image

Frances Marie Gipson

Clinical Associate Professor of Education
Director, Urban Leadership Program

Anna K. Gonzalez profile image

Anna K. Gonzalez

Director, Student Affairs & Educational Justice

Tom Luschei profile image

Tom Luschei

Professor of Education

Dina C. Maramba profile image

Dina C. Maramba

Associate Professor of Education

Eligio Martinez profile image

Eligio Martinez

Clinical Assistant Professor of Higher Education

Susan J. Paik profile image

Susan J. Paik

Associate Professor of Education

Linda Perkins profile image

Linda Perkins

Associate University Professor
Director, Applied Women’s Studies

Mary Simpson Poplin profile image

Mary Simpson Poplin

Professor of Education

Torie Weiston-Serdan profile image

Torie Weiston-Serdan

Adjunct Professor
Coordinator, Community Engaged Education & Social Change


Emeriti Faculty

María de Lourdes Argüelles

Professor Emerita, Education and Cultural Studies

Carl Cohn

Clinical Professor of Education
Professor Emeritus

Philip Dreyer

Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychology

Charles Kerchner

Senior Research Fellow
Professor Emeritus

John Regan

Professor Emeritus

Jack H. Schuster

Senior Research Fellow
Professor Emeritus

Daryl G. Smith

Senior Research Fellow
Professor Emerita

Deborah Deutsch Smith

Professor Emerita of Education
Director of IRIS

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