Emilie Reagan

Emilie Mitescu Reagan is an associate professor of education in the Claremont Graduate University School of Educational Studies. Reagan’s research focuses on social-justice oriented teacher education policy and practice, using primarily quantitative and mixed methods research. Specifically, she examines how teacher education programs and policies support preservice teacher learning and practice. Additionally, she critically analyzes assessment and accountability systems in teacher education.

As part of her research, Reagan has secured external funding to develop programs and conduct research on multiple processes and outcomes of teacher education; including a multi-million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Education Teacher Quality Partnership to design and implement a rural teacher residency program (as co-principal investigator); and a grant from the Spencer Foundation to conduct a multi-institutional mixed methods study examining the relationship between teacher candidate performance assessments and novice teacher learning (as principal investigator). She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals including Teaching and Teacher Education, Action in Teacher Education, Urban Education, and Education Policy Analysis Archives. Reagan is also the president of the New England Educational Research Organization (2020-2022).

Prior to joining the CGU faculty, Reagan was associate professor in the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Department of Education. While at UNH, Reagan taught courses in statistics and quantitative research methods, education policy, assessment, and teacher education. Reagan began her career in education as a fifth-grade teacher in Philadelphia, PA.

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