Daryl G. Smith

Daryl G. Smith is senior research fellow and professor emerita of education and psychology at Claremont Graduate University. Prior to assuming her current faculty position at CGU, Smith served as a college administrator in planning and evaluation, institutional research, and student affairs.

In addition to contributing to numerous articles and papers, she is an author or co-author of the following works: Diversity’s Promise for Higher Education: Making it Work (2020, 3rd ed, 2nd reprint); Diversity in Higher Education: Emerging Cross-national Perspectives on Institutional Transformation; Leadership Excellence in a Pluralistic Society; Building Capacity for Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine; Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking The Myths; Interrupting The Usual: Successful Strategies for Hiring Diverse Faculty; Organizational Learning a Tool for Diversity and Institutional Effectiveness; Strategic Evaluation: An Imperative for the Future of Campus Diversity; Strategic Governance: Making Big Decisions Better; Taking Women Seriously: Lessons and Legacies for Educating the Majority; Studying Diversity in Higher Education: Lessons From the Field; Making a Real Difference with Diversity: A Guide to Institutional Change; and Diversity in Higher Education: A Work in Progress. In partnership with five other evaluators of national diversity projects, Smith is a co-author of To Form a More Perfect Union: Campus Diversity Initiatives, A Diversity Research Agenda, and Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives.

Smith has served as an evaluator and consultant to numerous projects and campuses across the country, and to foundations such as the James Irvine Foundation; the Haas Jr. Foundation; the Mellon Foundation; the Ford Foundation; the Pew Charitable Trusts; and The Hewlett Foundation. She served on the advisory committee of several NSF ADVANCE grants. Smith also served as one of three principals responsible for the evaluation of the campus diversity initiative for the James Irvine Foundation in collaboration with the Association of American Colleges and Universities in Washington DC. This five-year project involved working with 28 private colleges and universities in California to develop their capacity to sustain and monitor progress on institutional diversity.

She has been on the advisory board for the Converge Project on diversity and inclusion in the health professions at Harvard Medical School and consulted with the AAMC. She has served on a NADOHE task force developing the standards and practices for senior diversity officers. She served as part of two U.S. delegations to Ford Foundation sponsored trinational conferences (India, South Africa, U.S.) on campus diversity, higher education, and democracy—which took place in South Africa and the United States for which she wrote a paper on issues of evaluation. Smith was also a Fulbright senior specialist in South Africa in 2010 and 2012.

Smith received her BA from Cornell University in mathematics, an MA from Stanford, and a PhD in Social Psychology and Higher Education from Claremont Graduate University.

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