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Note: The MA in Art Business & Information Systems and Technology program is no longer accepting applications.

In response to the evolving relationship between technology and the arts, this transdisciplinary program is designed for students with an interest in the application of computer and data science to the arts and cultural fields.

Today, technology companies are increasingly interested in arts and cultural applications and partnerships. At the same time, arts and cultural organizations are increasingly working within the digital realm, not just on exhibition and program media and marketing, but on ways of using big data to increase cultural equity, or on proprietary software to run complex productions. This is the world that the arts and technology partnership between the Center for Business & Management of the Arts and the Center for Information Systems & Technology (CISAT) has been established to advance.

Over the course of three semesters, you will complete core courses from the MA in Art Business with CISAT’s MS in Information Systems and Technology. You will also enroll in a handful of specialized courses and take part in an entrepreneurship sequence that culminates with the Startup Studio, where you will develop and pitch your own arts & technology application or initiative.

Program Highlights

Program at a Glance

48 units

1.5 years

*Program completion times may vary depending on course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.


MA in Art Business & Information Systems and Technology

Featured Courses

Intro to Art Business Dynamics

Introduces the structures and dynamics of international art markets: the people, places, institutions and organizations responsible for the flow of works around the globe as well as by and through which they gain their value.

IST 305
Management of Information Systems & Technology

Provides a deep understanding of what is involved in building and leveraging an effective Information Technology (IT) organization within the enterprise.

Data Analytical Tools, Technologies & Applications Across the Disciplines

Focuses on using big data tools and technologies effectively across various disciplines and settings, social sciences, humanities, information systems, policy, and health care.

Museo Soumaya

Field Study

Field study travel introduces you to emerging and established art markets, and provides behind the scenes access to artists, art businesses, arts organizations, and leaders in the field. The trips accelerate your formation of international networks and ensure familiarity with the complexity of the international arts landscape.

View recent international itineraries:

Past global destinations include:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Seoul
  • Tokyo
  • Mexico City

Past destinations within LA include:

  • YouTube
  • Institute of Contemporary Art, LA
  • Snap Inc.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, LA
  • Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator
  • The Broad
Capstone Entrepreneurship Sequence

Every Art & Arts Management student completes a capstone sequence, which is the culmination of your degree, synthesizing everything that you have learned throughout the program. It is also designed as a bridge to your professional life, serving as a powerful demonstration of the skills you’ve developed at CGU as you enter or continue your work in the arts and cultural field.

Research, design, plan, and pitch a new venture for the arts and cultural sector.

Your venture can stand independently of existing arts institutions and businesses, or it can propose innovations for existing organizations. New ventures can be for-profit firms or nonprofit initiatives, or something in between (such as public benefit corporations). Develop comprehensive and persuasive arguments for why your new venture will positively impact the sector and attract the necessary resources and support to get it off the ground.


Semester 1: 16 units (12 CBMArts; 4 IS&T)
Finance & Accounting for Creative Industries (4)
Marketing Management (2)
Economics of Strategy (2)
Art Market Dynamics (4)
Creative Industries Colloquium (0)
Field Study (0)
Communications and Networking (4)

Semester 2: 16 units (8 CBMArts; 8 IS&T)
New Venture Creation (2)
Marketing Elective(s) (2)
Advanced Art Markets (4)
Databases and Big Data (4)
Leading Digital Business (4)

Semester 3: 16 units (8 CBMArts; 4 IS&T; 4 T-Studies)
Legal Foundations for Creative Industries (4)
Startup Studio (4)
Transdisciplinary Studies Course (4)
Software Development and Programming (4)

Faculty & Research

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