CGU Department of History
Solidarity Statement and Commitments

The faculty of the History Department at Claremont Graduate University, state, clearly and definitively, that Black lives matter. We support, validate, and value Black lives and Black minds. We are committed to anti-racism, rebuke police brutality, and believe we must educate ourselves and others to fight racism in our local communities. We take as one of our primary roles as historians, in this moment and always, to provide our students with the critical skills to study and understand the historical development and maintenance of power structures and hierarchies, both in the United States and globally. We also assume our role to follow in the words of Lonnie Bunch, “History is a guide to a better future and demonstrates that we can become a better society—but only if we collectively demand it from each other and from the institutions responsible for administering justice.” Thus, we commit to:

  1. Providing courses which analyze systemic oppression, the history of racism, and/or histories of marginalization
  2. Developing systems and practices of support for students of marginalized groups to succeed in our department, as well as working collaboratively with initiatives at the School of Arts and Humanities and CGU-levels
  3. Advocating for and participating in the constant evaluation of CGU’s institutional processes (such as hiring, retention, and programming) to better address the demands and needs of current and future students, faculty, staff, and neighboring communities of marginalized groups

Welcome to the History Department

The History Department provides advanced professional education in preparation for a variety of careers. Traditionally, historians have worked in academic settings as scholars and teachers, or in closely related institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums. Increasingly, however, advanced education in history is being regarded as broad-based humanistic training, equipping students with research capabilities, writing skills, analytical methods, and communications skills that are useful in many fields. The department welcomes students who wish to teach in secondary schools, community colleges, and four-year universities, as well as students who intend to pursue non-teaching careers.

The History Department offers three programs: the MA in History, the MA in History & Archival Studies, and the PhD in History. Faculty members specialize in U.S. and European history while drawing upon faculty in other departments at CGU and throughout The Claremont Colleges, resulting in a faculty equivalent to that of a much larger university. Instruction is carried on in seminars, classes are small, and the favorable student-faculty ratio allows for a considerable amount of individual attention from professors.

Students in the MA or PhD programs may choose one of the following interdisciplinary concentrations: American Studies, Early Modern Studies, European Studies, Hemispheric & Transnational Studies, Media Studies, or Museum Studies. Students work with faculty advisors in planning their course of study. The department encourages breadth of study irrespective of a student’s major field, including transdisciplinary work.

The shared resources of The Claremont Colleges and broader Los Angeles community give our graduate students a competitive advantage to those at other schools. Housing more than 2 million volumes, the Libraries of The Claremont Colleges provide excellent research facilities and resources. The Huntington Library, one of the world’s finest research libraries for English and American history, is in nearby San Marino.

Chair: Joshua Goode
831 N. Dartmouth Avenue • Claremont, CA 91711 • 909-621-8612 • Fax 909-607-9587

Joshua Goode profile image

Joshua Goode

Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and History
Chair, History Department




Core Faculty

Matthew Bowman profile image

Matthew Bowman

Associate Professor of Religion and History
Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies

Joshua Goode profile image

Joshua Goode

Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and History
Chair, History Department

Romeo Guzmán profile image

Romeo Guzmán

Assistant Professor of History

JoAnna Poblete profile image

JoAnna Poblete

Associate Professor of History


Research Faculty

David Cressy profile image

David Cressy

Research Professor of History

Gideon Manning profile image

Gideon Manning

Research Associate Professor of Early Modern Studies


Affiliated Faculty

David Luis-Brown profile image

David Luis-Brown

Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and English
Director, Africana Studies Program

Linda Perkins profile image

Linda Perkins

Associate University Professor
Director, Applied Gender Studies

Extended Faculty

Shane Bjornlie

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Late Antique history, Roman history

Myriam Chancy

Scripps College

Research Interests

African diaspora with specialization in its literature

Lily Geismer

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

20th century liberalism in the United States, Fair housing, Liberal religion and politics

George Gorse

Pomona College

Research Interests

Italian Renaissance art and architecture, Italian Baroque art and architecture, Medieval art history, History of cities, palaces, villas, and gardens, History of Genoa

Daniel Livesay

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Early American and Atlantic history; Race, family, and slavery in North America and the Caribbean

Charles Lofgren

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

American Constitutionalism, American founding, Constitutional law, Military history, War and foreign relations

Susan Barndt McWilliams

Pomona College

Research Interests

Political Theory, History of Political Thought, American Political Thought, Politics and Literature, Civic Education, Liberal Arts Education and the Small Liberal Arts College

Char Miller

Pomona College

Research Interests

U.S. environmental policy, U.S. public-lands management, Western water politics, Immigration and border security, Urban politics and development, U.S. intellectual and cultural history

Richard Olson

Harvey Mudd College

Research Interests

History of science

Harmony O’Rourke

Pitzer College

Research Interests

Cultural and social history of early modern and modern Africa, Global diasporas, Gender and sexuality, West Africa, Slavery, Colonialism, Oral history

Albert Park

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Design & architecture, East Asian history & political economy, Korean history, Modern Japanese history

Ralph Rossum

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

American Constitutionalism, American Founding, Constitutional Law, Crime and Criminal Justice, Indian Gaming Issues, Redistricting, Supreme Court, Voting Rights

Victor Silverman

Pomona College

Research Interests

U.S. History, Alcohol and Drug Studies, History of Sexual/Gender Minorities, The Cold War, Labor Unions, International Labor Movements, U.S. and Britain, San Francisco Bay Area History, California History, Sustainable Development Policy

Research Project


Oral History Program Archive

Learn More

Part of the History Department of Claremont Graduate University since 1962, the Oral History Program Archive collects research material by conducting interviews with persons whose life experiences merit preservation.