Situated at the bustling intersection of cultural studies, new media, critical theory, and popular culture, the burgeoning field of Media Studies examines the creative and critical practices of media consumers, producers, artists, and scholars, focusing on questions of representation, power, technology, politics, and economy.

The Media Studies concentration is offered in partnership with the Intercollegiate Media Studies (IMS) Program of The Claremont Colleges. Our concentration lets you design a course of study in the fast-growing field of Media Studies, which incorporates numerous exciting disciplines, including cultural and cinema studies, new media, visual studies, critical theory, popular culture, media production, and art history. Students study the creative and critical practices of media consumers, producers, artists, and scholars.

The concentration in Media Studies is available to School of Arts & Humanities students in the Applied Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies, English, History, Philosophy, and Religion programs. The concentration is awarded in conjunction with the degree and is noted on the transcript as an additional area of qualification.

Program Highlights
  • Thanks to CGU’s Southern California location, you will be at the center of vast commercial and independent media production.
  • You can gain first-hand experience of the field through directed internships with a wide range of media outlets, production companies, and more.
  • Coursework covers visual research methods, film theory and criticism, film history, curatorial practice, and more.

The School of Arts & Humanities lets you tailor your program to target your specific interests. You’ll conduct research across disciplines to approach problems in new ways in an intimate, collegial learning environment where faculty-mentors offer you personal attention, and opportunities for collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship abound.

Interdisciplinary Concentrations

This interdisciplinary concentration is available for students pursuing the following degree programs:

Featured Courses

CLST 482
The Eye & the Gaze

Examines the work of Lacan and Foucault on the topic of the gaze through a close reading of Lacan’s Seminar XI, Foucault on the panopticon, and Freud and Copjec’s engagement with feminist film theory.

CLST 477
Film Theory & Criticism

Reviews examples of film theory and criticism that date to the first cinematic texts and offers an understanding of the work that theorized the style and significance of early cinema.

CLST 452
Feminist & Queer Theory

Explores the complex, fluid, and productive function of “the body” as object of knowledge as well as feminist and queer theory’s contribution to producing new bodies of knowledge.

CLST 337
Cultural Studies, Activism & Social Change

Offers an introduction to theoretical writings in Cultural Studies that ground the field in a commitment to social justice and social change.

CLST 308
Mapping Latino/a/x Studies

Analyzes Latinization in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and greater New York—and such topics as the borderlands, immigration, and hemispheric approaches to U.S. culture.

HIST 315
Museums, History & Story Telling

Explores the theory, methods, and politics of museum exhibitions through a partnership between the Autry Museum of the American West and Claremont Graduate University.

Program Requirements

Twelve units must be taken as approved Media Studies courses taught by faculty at CGU or The Claremont Colleges. In addition, one of the student’s Research Methods Courses must be in the field of Media Studies. Current approved Media Studies Research Methods courses include Visual Research Methods, Film Theory & Criticism, and Digital Research Methods. Students may also complete an optional internship.

Note: in some cases, fulfilling the requirements of this concentration as well as the core requirements for the student’s degree may involve additional units or Research Tools.  Students should always consult with their academic advisor before adding a concentration to their degree program.

Faculty & Research

  • Eve Oishi profile image

    Eve Oishi

    Associate Professor of Cultural Studies

    Research Interests

    Cultural studies, Media studies, Feminist and queer theory

  • David Luis-Brown profile image

    David Luis-Brown

    Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and English
    Chair, Cultural Studies Department
    Director, Africana Studies Program

    Research Interests

    Hemispheric Americas studies, Latino/a/x studies, Black diaspora studies, American literature and culture

  • Joshua Goode profile image

    Joshua Goode

    Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and History
    Chair, History Department

    Research Interests

    Modern Spain, 19th- and 20th-century Europe, Genocide and racial thought, Museums and commemoration, Memory

  • Henry Krips profile image

    Henry Krips

    Professor of Cultural Studies
    Andrew E. Mellon All Claremont Chair of Humanities

    Research Interests

    Cultural studies; Contemporary European philosophy; Foundations of quantum mechanics; Foucault, Freud, and Lacan; Philosophy of science;
    Social theory; Science studies

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