The Master of Arts in Politics, Economics & Business (MAPEB) is an innovative collaboration between the Drucker School of Management and the Division of Politics & Economics that explores the collective global impact of these three interrelated fields of study.

Politics shapes the economic environment in which business operates, so its study provides critical insight into the processes and impacts of business decisions. The joint MA in Politics, Economics, and Business teaches concepts in economic theory, politics, and management to provide in-depth understanding of the mechanics of an increasingly global economy, exploring how politics shapes business, how policy influences economics, and how globalization affects both international and domestic business. You’ll acquire analytical skills, practical experience, and technical training that will serve as a fundamental advantage in nearly any professional setting.

Program Highlights
  • The MAPEB program lets you design your academic coursework based on your professional goals and interests.
  • You will find opportunities for practical application through internships and research projects in our Southern California location.
  • MAPEB graduates succeed in top governmental agencies, such as the IMF, Fortune 500 companies, prominent colleges and universities, and more.

Program at a Glance

48 units

2 years

Fall | Spring | Summer

Division of Politics & Economics

MA in Politics, Economics & Business

Featured Courses

SPE 471
Strategic Modeling for Politics, Economics & Business

Introduces students to decision making and the strategy process through multiple techniques, creating a strategy toolkit with applications in politics, economics, and business.

MGT 488
The Practice of Self-Management

Examines central and enduring ideas in Peter Drucker’s 1954 book, The Practice of Management, and two of the four social levels Drucker identifies: “managing self” and “creating a functioning society.”

ECON 313
Microeconomic Analysis

Examines the neoclassical theory of welfare economics, demand, cost, the firm, and competitive and monopoly price in product and factor markets.

MGT 340

Explores how general managers enhance and sustain business performance through the development of robust judgments in the face of uncertainty and complexity.

SPE 315
Game Theory

Analyzes the strategic interaction between individuals, firms, governments, and other groups of people.

MGT 511
Financial Accounting

Introduces financial accounting—the language of business—from the perspective of the user/manager, with particular focus on basic rules governing the preparation of financial statements and the flexibility that exists within these rules.

Faculty & Research

  • Paul J. Zak profile image

    Paul J. Zak

    Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management
    Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies

    Research Interests

    Neuroeconomics, Neuroscience of narratives, Neuromanagement

  • C. Monica Capra profile image

    C. Monica Capra

    Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Experimental economics, Behavioral economics, Neuroeconomics

  • Joshua Tasoff profile image

    Joshua Tasoff

    Associate Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Behavioral economics, experimental economics, microbial economics

  • Robert Klitgaard profile image

    Robert Klitgaard

    University Professor

    Research Interests

    Public policy, Economic strategy, Institutional reform, Corruption

  • Tom Kniesner profile image

    Tom Kniesner

    University Professor
    Chair, Department of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Labor economics, Health economics, Econometrics

  • Graham Bird profile image

    Graham Bird

    Clinical Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    International finance, international macroeconomics, economic development

  • Thomas Willett profile image

    Thomas Willett

    Horton Professor of Economics
    Director, Claremont Institute for Economic Studies

    Research Interests

    International money and finance
    Political economy of economic policy

  • Vijay Sathe profile image

    Vijay Sathe

    C.S. & D.J. Davidson Chair and Professor of Management

    Research Interests

    Business and global strategy, Revitalization of self, Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Venture capital

  • Jenny Darroch profile image

    Jenny Darroch

    Henry Y. Hwang Dean, Drucker School of Management
    Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing

    Research Interests

    [Marketing] strategy, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Brand management, Knowledge management, Consumer behavior

  • Jay Prag profile image

    Jay Prag

    Clinical Associate Professor

    Research Interests

    Corporate finance, Investments, Economics of strategy, Macroeconomics, Nonprofits, Corporate culture

  • Jonathan Jaffee profile image

    Jonathan Jaffee

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests

    Client management, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Strategy, Business law

  • Mark Abdollahian profile image

    Mark Abdollahian

    Full Clinical Professor

    Research Interests

    Strategic decision making, International political economy, Sustainable development, Growth, Human social cultural behavioral modeling, Econometrics, Predictive analytics, Computational modeling and simulation, Data analytics, Visualization

  • Heather E. Campbell profile image

    Heather E. Campbell

    Chair, Department of Politics & Government
    Professor, Department of Politics & Government
    Field Chair, Public Policy

    Research Interests

    Environmental policy, Public policy, Water policy, Racial profiling, Housing, K–12 education, Student evaluations of teaching, Public utility regulation

  • Yi Feng profile image

    Yi Feng

    Luther Lee Jr. Memorial Chair in Government

    Research Interests

    International political economy, Public policy analysis, Quantitative methodology, Global power shifts, Globalization

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