The concentration in Cybersecurity & Networking enhances your MS in Information Systems & Technology with specialized skills that enable you to help organizations prepare for and prevent devastating cyber attacks.

In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity risks are real and attacks are increasingly exponential. The rapidly changing domain of information and technology has given rise to a new paradigm of cyber attacks on a global, epidemic scale. The industry-focused Cybersecurity & Networking concentration provides you with fresh perspectives on cyber threats, hacker motivations, modern attack patterns, and next-generation mitigation solutions. You will undertake technically driven, collaborative research with faculty members who have distinguished careers as IS&T and cybersecurity scholars and practitioners. In an evolving cyber risk landscape, you’ll develop the skills to help businesses and organizations prepare for cyber attacks, which can result in significant expenses for the affected enterprises.

Program Highlights
  • Well-equipped research clinics and laboratories enable you to work directly on applied and academic research, including the IDEA Lab, Intelligent Systems Lab, and more.
  • Our GIS Club convenes students and professionals interested in geographic information systems (GIS) and informs the local community about the latest GIS workshops and conferences.

Program at a Glance

36 units

Full-time: 1–1.5 years
Part-time: 1.5–3 years

*Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring

MS in Information Systems & Technology

Featured Courses

IST 350
Cryptography & Computer Security

Examines both a theoretical and engineering view of how to build secured information systems using network and computer security techniques focusing on DES, RSA, DSA, and hashing, hacking techniques, and solutions to protect systems.

IST 351
Cybersecurity Risk Management

Elevates the strategic relevance of the evolving threat landscape and offers students a fresh perspective on how to take the threat seriously, foster preparedness, and get ahead of threats.

IST 352
Advanced Networking

Explores advanced topics in networking including optical networks, cellular networks, fixed infrastructure networks, multicast algorithms, routing protocols, distance vector and link state routing mechanisms, encryption, and more.

Cybersecurity in a Changing World

Explores the technical, social, economic, management, and policy dimensions of cybersecurity, providing a transdisciplinary perspective on one of the world’s more pronounced and dangerous technical phenomena.

IST 302

Introduces concepts and techniques for database design and management emphasizing the relational model, query optimization and performance tuning, and more.

IST 303
Software Development

Provides an understanding of modern software development principles and practices to support more advanced information systems and technology courses.


The Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT) at CGU participates in industry and academic partnerships designed to create internships, collaborations, practicum courses, and other opportunities. These include:

Claremont Graduate University’s comprehensive partnership with Esri, the world’s leading supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, offers numerous benefits, including:

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance
CISAT is also a Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance Member, which gives our students and researchers access to the latest technologies for use in classroom assignments and projects.

IBM Watson Analytics Academic Program
To ensure students work with leading data analytics technologies, CISAT is part of the Watson Analytics Academic Program (WAP), which provides no-cost use of IBM® Watson Analytics software for classroom teaching and research.

Faculty & Research

  • Samir Chatterjee profile image

    Samir Chatterjee

    Fletcher Jones Chair of Technology Design & Management

    Research Interests

    Design science research, Health informatics, Electronics and telecommunication engineering

  • Lorne Olfman profile image

    Lorne Olfman

    Director, Center for Information Systems & Technology

    Research Interests

    User training, E-Learning systems, Knowledge management, Social technologies for group work

  • Terry Ryan profile image

    Terry Ryan

    Professor of Information Systems & Technology

    Research Interests

    Management information systems, Programming, Software development, Research methods, Statistics

  • Yan Li profile image

    Yan Li

    Associate Professor of Information Systems & Technology

    Research Interests

    Data science, Data mining, Analytics, Semantic technologies, Databases, Data warehousing, Business intelligence, ICT4D

  • Tamir Bechor profile image

    Tamir Bechor

    Research Fellow

    Research Interests

    Cybersecurity, IT leadership and management

  • Brian Hilton profile image

    Brian Hilton

    Clinical Full Professor

    Research Interests

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Management Information Systems (MIS), GIS solution development, Data analytics

  • Chinazunwa Uwaoma profile image

    Chinazunwa Uwaoma

    Research Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Technology

    Research Interests

    Internet of Things, Mobile Computing, Computer Communications & Networks, Healthcare Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security

  • Wallace Chipidza profile image

    Wallace Chipidza

    Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Technology

    Research Interests

    Dynamics of social networks, Quantum Computing and Applications, Internet Privacy, ICT4D

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