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The MS in Information Systems & Technology with a concentration in Data Science & Analytics explores the ways massive volumes of data can be used to enhance human performance and solve business and societal problems.

The Internet, social media, and mobile technology have led to an explosion of information production and gathering. From public health to energy policy, financial markets to voting rights, big data promises to revolutionize how we understand the world. Yet the full potential of big data has not been completely imagined or understood.

This technically driven, industry-oriented program explores this potential, equipping you with enhanced analytical and managerial tools to become a leader in this burgeoning technological field. You will learn data mining, specialized programming, and other computational skills to understand how data can be used to solve problems affecting society, working with distinguished faculty who have impressive careers as IS&T scholars and practitioners.

Program Highlights

Program At a Glance

36 units

Full-time: 1–1.5 years
Part-time: 1.5–3 years

*Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring

MS in Information Systems & Technology

Featured Courses

IST 344
Data Analytics & Information Visualization

Provides a deep understanding of the important principles and techniques for translating organizational data into visual stories that can be used by managers to make data-driven decisions.

IST 340
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Studies the data mining process goal of discovering nontrivial, interesting, and actionable knowledge from data in databases.

IST 341
CS Insights via Python Programming

Engages with the full breadth of CS fundamentals, including computational thinking, software design strategies, the technologies underlying modern computation (circuits and assembly language), and both theoretical models and limits of computing.

IST 343
Data Mining Practicum

Provides an opportunity for students to design, develop, and implement data mining for an industry- or organization-defined problem.

Data Analytical Tools, Technologies & Applications Across the Disciplines

Focuses on using big data tools and technologies effectively across various disciplines and settings, social sciences, humanities, information systems, policy, and health care.

IST 302

Introduces concepts and techniques for database design and management emphasizing the relational model, query optimization and performance tuning, and more.


The Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT) at CGU participates in industry and academic partnerships designed to create internships, collaborations, practicum courses, and other opportunities. These include:

Claremont Graduate University’s comprehensive partnership with Esri, the world’s leading supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, offers numerous benefits, including:

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance
CISAT is also a Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance Member, which gives our students and researchers access to the latest technologies for use in classroom assignments and projects.

IBM Watson Analytics Academic Program
To ensure students work with leading data analytics technologies, CISAT is part of the Watson Analytics Academic Program (WAP), which provides no-cost use of IBM® Watson Analytics software for classroom teaching and research.

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