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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, leaders need to be able to think on their feet, solve challenges that threaten their companies, and nurture talent—all at once.

Executive education offered by the Drucker School and Claremont Graduate University (CGU) will help firms to develop such leaders. Grounded in the timeless principles of Peter Drucker, “the inventor of modern management,” our programs provide high-level executive training that will transform your company’s leadership. Using a blend of classic and new learning approaches, it puts executives through a mix that moves beyond the classroom into the real world.

In addition to the Drucker principles, our programs integrate insights from our comprehensive graduate university including positive psychology, leadership, human resources, and evaluation, to name a few. Our transdisciplinary approach allows for the development of both leadership skills and self-insight. Our custom programs address leadership at levels of self, team, organization, and society along dimensions of people, purpose, and performance.

Executive education faculty have extensive experience conducting leadership training at all levels from front-line supervisors to senior leadership teams. The CGU faculty will collaborate with your teams to customize the program to fit your specific training needs and company challenges. The training includes dynamic classroom sessions where we have delivered programs to leaders on CGU campus, at corporate offices, and online via Zoom and Teams or a combination thereof. Our faculty are thought leaders consulting firms and industry experts from a wide variety of industries including energy, technology, mining, healthcare, and public sector. It moves into market-based immersion and team-oriented, project-based solutions that speak to your leadership and strategy. The result: executives with enhanced problem-solving skills, ready to lead and execute enterprise-changing solutions to your most important strategic concerns.

Executive education from CGU and the Drucker School offers a high value solution to training and capability needs you won’t find with traditional off-the-shelf solutions or training. Our experienced team will help you unleash your primary competitive advantage—your people, products, and culture.

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