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The concentration in IT Strategy & Innovation supplements your MS in Information Systems & Technology with proven tools for pioneering successful digital business strategies in the competitive world of IT.

The industry-focused IT Strategy & Innovation concentration explores current information technology innovations and key business strategies for internet entrepreneurs, including how to create a successful internet startup. You’ll gain a substantive background in market research, product prototyping, internet marketing, and product development methodologies. Our distinctive practice-based curriculum offers a balanced blend of technology and management scholarship, addressing both sides of the professional spectrum. Students undertake technically focused, collaborative research with distinguished faculty-scholars who are practitioners and industry leaders in Information Systems and Technology and IT strategy.

Program Highlights

Program at a Glance

36 units

Full-time: 1–1.5 years
Part-time: 1.5–3 years

*Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring

MS in Information Systems & Technology

Featured Courses

IST 321
Delivering Value Through IS&T Leadership

Provides knowledge and techniques for students to understand how to influence and leverage Information Technology to a greater degree and integrate it with the company’s strategic business goals.

IST 322
Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Explores current technological innovation and key business strategies for internet entrepreneurs, including innovation theories, big data innovation, online business archetypes, and more.

IST 325

Provides an in depth study of the concept of electronic (also called online) learning through key topics, such as learning theories and a theory of online learning, participation in discourse and learning communities.

IST 360
Internet of Things

Examines the various aspects of the Internet of Things: architectures, devices, algorithms, networks, protocols, power, data processing, security, and standards.

IST 324
Digital Product Management

Examines the roles and responsibilities of product managers, including strategic planning, product road-mapping, lean methodology, market and product discovery techniques, and more.

IST 303
Software Development

Provides an understanding of modern software development principles and practices to support more advanced information systems and technology courses.


The Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT) at CGU participates in industry and academic partnerships designed to create internships, collaborations, practicum courses, and other opportunities. These include:

Claremont Graduate University’s comprehensive partnership with Esri, the world’s leading supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, offers numerous benefits, including:

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance
CISAT is also a Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance Member, which gives our students and researchers access to the latest technologies for use in classroom assignments and projects.

IBM Watson Analytics Academic Program
To ensure students work with leading data analytics technologies, CISAT is part of the Watson Analytics Academic Program (WAP), which provides no-cost use of IBM® Watson Analytics software for classroom teaching and research.

Faculty & Research

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