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Thank you for your interest in Claremont Graduate University’s master’s and PhD programs in Religion. Our distinct programs in Religion, coupled with Claremont Graduate University’s unique, intimate campus climate, create a graduate study environment unlike any other in which you can customize your degree track to meet your own scholastic and professional goals.

In CGU’s Religion programs, you are the focus of how we teach and mentor. As a student at a graduate-only institution, you will not compete with undergraduates for the attention and advice of your professors. Our faculty are leading thinkers in their respective fields, and we work closely with you from the moment of your arrival until the completion of your degree.

Our master’s programs include our boutique program, the MA in Islamic Studies, and our flexible MA in Religion (general). Both programs prepare you for a variety of careers, from government and nongovernmental organizations to international corporations and business.

Our flagship doctoral degree—with concentrations in Philosophy of Religion & Theology, Women’s Studies in Religion, History of Christianity & Religions of North America, and Critical Comparative Scriptures—positions graduates for successful careers in academia or other higher education endeavors. CGU Religion students may also craft interfield tracks of study or dual-degree programs.

As a member of the highly ranked Claremont Colleges, we offer students the opportunity to take courses across the Claremont University Consortium and collaborate with extended faculty at each college. The prestigious Claremont School of Theology is just around the corner, offering additional opportunities for research and practice in religious studies.

Claremont Graduate University’s prime location in the Los Angeles basin offers tremendous opportunities for study, fieldwork, and employment in the local metropolitan area and beyond. The gateway to the Americas, Los Angeles extends your career horizons into Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Finally, the religious and cultural pluralism and diversity of Los Angeles, amid a beautiful setting of temperate weather, will enrich your graduate experience in ways you can only begin to imagine.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, I would be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you or to speak by phone. Thank you for considering Claremont Graduate University.

Ruqayya Yasmine Khan
Chair, Associate Professor
Religion Department
School of Arts & Humanities
Claremont Graduate University

831 N. Dartmouth Avenue • Claremont, CA 91711 • 909-621-8612 • Fax 909-607-9587

Ruqayya Y. Khan profile image

Ruqayya Y. Khan

Associate Professor of Religion
Malas Chair of Islamic Studies
Chair, Religion Department


Religion Department Faculty
Ingolf Dalferth profile image

Ingolf Dalferth

Danforth Professor of Philosophy of Religion

Ruqayya Y. Khan profile image

Ruqayya Y. Khan

Associate Professor of Religion
Malas Chair of Islamic Studies
Chair, Religion Department

Patrick Mason profile image

Patrick Mason

Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
Associate Professor of Religion
Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies

Anselm Min profile image

Anselm Min

Professor of Religion

Daniel Ramírez profile image

Daniel Ramírez

Associate Professor of Religion

Tammi J. Schneider profile image

Tammi J. Schneider

Professor of Religion

Sallama Shaker profile image

Sallama Shaker

Full Clinical Professor of Middle East and Islamic Studies


Research Centers

Coptic Studies Council

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CGU’s Council for Coptic Studies works to create and nourish vibrant, enduring relationships between the Religion Department, the surrounding community, and the Coptic world and to promote through research, teaching, and publication a deeper understanding of the Coptic religious experience.


Mormon Studies Council

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The Mormon Studies Council works closely with the Religion Department and School of Arts and Humanities to advance Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University. The Council seeks to foster interest in the study of the traditions descended from Joseph Smith in an academic context in which many religious traditions are studied alongside one another.


Zoroastrian Studies Council

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The Zoroastrian Studies Council seeks to bring knowledge of this ancient, yet modern religion to our students and inform the study of religion at CGU.


Research Projects


Mormon Women’s Oral History Project

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The Mormon Women’s Oral History Project at Claremont Graduate University collected interviews with Mormon women of various ages, experiences, and levels of activity. These interviews record the experiences of these women in their homes and family life, their church life, and their work life, in their roles as homemakers, students, missionaries, career women, single women, converts, and disaffected members. Their stories feed into and illuminate the broader narrative of LDS history and belief, filling in a large gap in Mormon history that has often neglected the lived experiences of women.


Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia

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The web-based Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia (CCE) is a project of global reach and significance, providing a vital resource and a wealth of information to scholars, students, Coptophiles, and the general public. Whether you are a PhD student writing a dissertation on Coptic monasticism, a college student taking a course in Art History, or a casual browser seeking intellectual nourishment, you will find the CCE to be an excellent resource.


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