Portrait of Katharina Pick

Katharina Pick came to the Drucker School of Management from Harvard University, where she received her PhD in Organizational Behavior. Her research examines the internal group dynamics of corporate boards of directors with a particular focus on the psychology of board membership, speaking-up behavior, and board process in decision making and conflict resolution. Recently, she has written on the subject of boardroom dynamics and board leadership. Other research interests include gender and leadership, role negotiation and social identity in high-status groups, and sense-making and diffusion of deviant organizational behavior.

She teaches MBA courses on women in leadership, organizational behavior and theory, and teams.

Outside of work, Pick is an avid tennis player and enjoys travel, playing guitar, film, and live music.

“Women, Leadership, and Power,” Handbook of Research on Gender and Leadership edited by Susan R. Madsen. Camberley Surrey, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.

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