Kristine Kawamura

Kristine Marin Kawamura is a clinical professor of management at the Drucker School of Management. She teaches the course Create Your Future, a core class within the Drucker Signature Platform that provides highly personalized and practice-based experiences to help students identify their unique career pathways and to invent (or re-invent) their work identities. In the course, students learn to integrate the knowledge of the field with knowledge of themselves. They also practice reflection and resilience-building skills to make better decisions and maximize personal and professional well-being as they navigate change.

Kawamura is the CEO and founder of Yoomi Consulting Group, Inc., a company with a mission to transform the world by transforming how leaders lead, and people perform. She is committed to enlivening and empowering the human aspect of strategic management, organizational behavior, leadership development, innovation, technology, and management practice to reconnect human health and economic wealth with social progress and the creation of responsible, sustainable, and innovative organizations and societies.

She balances the bottom line with deeply human approaches to help her clients maximize results and her students to learn, grow, and create careers that allow them to contribute from their heart-based values and purpose.

Kawamura’s current research focuses on developing groundbreaking and original theory, research, and methods for reinventing organizations, leadership, and performance with Care—a core resource for enabling collaboration, authenticity, resilience, and engagement across all human and high-tech touchpoints.

A change agent, author, speaker, consultant, and coach, Kawamura is transdisciplinary, systems-oriented, and globally aware in all her work. Over the years, she has traveled to over 80 countries. These experiences fuel her passion for helping people work, connect, and collaborate across the boundaries and borders that typically separate us. She loves being married and being a mom to twin 14-year-old girls

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Creating Effective Organizations, Cross-Cultural Leadership, 7 Steps to Startup, Startup Business Models, Management Internship, and Global Leadership (in the MA in Leadership Program).