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Robert Avina is the Lead Disease Intervention Section (DIS) Epidemiologist for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Adjunct Professor at HSCI-CSUSB. He has a decade of direct experience working in the field of HIV prevention both in non-profit and county government holding positions, such as HIV Program Director overseeing Ryan White Part A and HIV Care Program. His role as Biomedical Preventions Manager in leading a two-year demonstration project called Project PrIDE through CDPH bring the necessary expertise to further serve the SGM population. Dr. Avina been invited by community partners to promote preventive measures, especially among young adults, and as such am ideally positioned to serve on this project to ensure effective evaluation strategy. Below are examples of such invited speaking engagements from the community, including university-wide initiative for young adults the Inland Empire to learn about safe sex practices.

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