Why the School of Community & Global Health?

We offer a fertile research environment where students of the sciences, public health, government, business, civil society, and the community engage with world-class faculty in creative problem solving that leads to innovations in health promotion, disease intervention, and policy evaluation. Customizable and dual graduate degree programming—ranging in areas from public health and psychology to evaluation and management—extends your ability to bring about change in the public sphere and prepares you to perform rewarding, lucrative work that makes a real difference.

Facts & Statistics

The School of Community and Global Health (SCGH) was founded in 2008 to address 21st-century public health threats, including accelerated shifts in global populations and spikes in preventable health-related problems.

In July 2008, SCGH faculty developed an innovative Master of Public Health Program (MPH) in Community and Global Health, followed by a PhD program in Health Promotion Sciences and a Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH).

The school currently has:


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