The executive of tomorrow knows that effective leadership requires keen judgment as well as the ability to inspire. With an emphasis on leadership and strategy, Drucker’s highly flexible Executive MBA (EMBA) program is an ideal learning environment for working professionals wishing to hone these essential executive leadership skills and broaden their career options.

The EMBA program targets mid- to senior-level managers and entrepreneurs looking to embrace greater leadership responsibility by developing critical skills in organizational management, innovation, and sound strategic decision making. Drawing upon the seminal works and ideas of Peter F. Drucker, you will undertake rigorous exploration of leadership and management fundamentals and apply what you learn in a variety of business contexts. The Drucker School setting allows you to do this in an environment that features flexible scheduling geared toward working professionals, innovative curriculum, award-winning faculty, and intimate class sizes. And, in contrast to other EMBA programs, you can enroll at any time and complete at your pace, as it is not cohort-based. The Drucker School is Southern California’s only customizable executive management program that prepares tomorrow’s leaders today to make a global difference.

Program Highlights
  • The Drucker Leadership Arc prepares you for the challenges of leadership by grounding you in the principles of Peter Drucker, one of management’s greatest thought leaders.
  • Flexible course scheduling offers options ranging from part-time to accelerated full-time evening, Saturday and intensive classes.
  • You may start at any of six times throughout the year and tailor coursework to your personal and professional life, completing the program in as few as 16 months or over several years.
  • With a dynamic, experiential curriculum, you’ll receive valuable executive coaching from faculty experts and draw on real-life case studies to improve your strategic decision making, allowing you to immediately apply the ideas you learn in class to your work.
  • Classes are offered at our campus in Claremont as well as in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.
  • National and international short-term residential courses let you visit markets and get firsthand knowledge of business practices in such places as Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.
  • Tuition includes executive coaching, meals, books, and class materials.
  • Our program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the top management education association in the United States.

Program At a Glance

48 units

2.5–5 years

Six entry points (Module I or II in fall, spring, or summer)

Executive MBA

Overview of Our Class
  • Average Undergraduate GPA
  • Average Age
  • Average Years Work Experience
  • Underrepresented Minorities
  • Female
  • Hold Advanced Degrees

Core Courses (16 units)
Business Analytics (4 units)
Financial Accounting (4 units)
Marketing Management (2 units)
Corporate Finance (4 units)
Choice of:

  • Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Creating Effective Organizations

Concentration Courses (8 units)
Executive Leadership or Strategy

Elective Courses (24 units)

Featured Courses

EMGT 713
Leadership in the 21st Century: A Paradigm Shift for a Diverse & Interdependent World

Focuses on leaders as individuals and as critical participants in organizations, exploring the challenges leaders confront when diverse groups must live and work together productively.

MGT 537A
The Executive Mind I: The Power of Attention

Offers a systematic approach to the challenge of managing oneself, teaching self-management methods and tools that can be applied immediately and practiced for a lifetime.

MGT 505
Data Analytics Lecture & Lab

Focuses on leaders both as individuals and as critical participants in organizations, integrating concepts and models from psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, philosophy, and organizational behavior.

MGT 652
Leading in Crisis

Examines classical and contemporary theories and practice to prevent and manage crises.

MGT 726
Creating Effective Organizations

Examines how managers can create more effective organizations with a focus on organizational politics and alternative organizational structures.

MGT 728
Managing Client Relations & Customer Experience Management

Explores an emerging area of management practice: the nature and quality of the customer experience.

Executive MBA Certificates

During the course of your Executive MBA degree, you may choose to earn three optional certificates that count toward your Executive MBA degree.

Certificate in Strategy
A certificate in strategy enables you to learn and develop strategies that you can implement in your work or organization; think and act strategically so that you can be an effective manager and leader; and implement decisions that will have a positive impact on your organization.

The Certificate in Strategy requires eight units to complete. You will need to take a core Strategy course (four units) as well as another course with a strategy focus (four units).

Certificate in Leadership
A certificate in leadership equips you with the skills to be an effective leader in today’s dynamic business world. You’ll gain knowledge and skills that will empower you to enact meaningful change within your organization, working one-on-one with Drucker faculty on leadership coaching and effective management techniques.

The Certificate in Leadership requires 8units to complete. You will need to take Leadership in the 21st Century (4 units) as well as another course with a leadership focus (4 units).

Certificate in General Management
A certificate in general managements imparts and reinforces business knowledge and skills that equip you to be a successful manager. Depending on your educational needs, you will learn foundational core management areas such as quantitative methods, accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and strategy.

The Certificate in General Management requires 12 units to complete, which consists of core foundational courses in Management and Executive Management.

Faculty & Research

  • Jenny Darroch profile image

    Jenny Darroch

    Henry Y. Hwang Dean, Drucker School of Management
    Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing

    Research Interests

    [Marketing] strategy, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Brand management, Knowledge management, Consumer behavior

  • Bernie Jaworski profile image

    Bernie Jaworski

    Peter F. Drucker Chair in Management and the Liberal Arts

    Research Interests

    Client Management, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Strategy

  • Vijay Sathe profile image

    Vijay Sathe

    C.S. & D.J. Davidson Chair and Professor of Management

    Research Interests

    Business and global strategy, Revitalization of self, Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Venture capital

  • Jay Prag profile image

    Jay Prag

    Clinical Associate Professor

    Research Interests

    Corporate finance, Investments, Economics of strategy, Macroeconomics, Nonprofits, Corporate culture

  • James Wallace profile image

    James Wallace

    Associate Professor of Accounting

    Research Interests

    Accounting, Finance, Financial statement analysis, Sustainability

  • Jonathan Jaffee profile image

    Jonathan Jaffee

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests

    Client management, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Strategy, Business law

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