The PhD program in Education is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to educational theory and research as well as to developing educational environments that are just, relevant, and rigorous.

CGU’s PhD program in Education is designed for working professionals interested in applying theory and research to important challenges in the field of education. You’ll conduct research in a diverse community of mature professionals who bring a wealth of educational experience to their scholarly endeavors. Faculty-scholars knowledgeable in education, sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, law, and more will help you design a PhD program that fits your individual background, interests, and educational goals, connecting you to disciplines outside education to broaden your perspective. Our program produces administrators, scholars, and educators who promote equity, excellence, accountability, and social justice in every area of education.

Program Highlights
  • Courses are held at convenient times for working and commuting professionals. Most meet once a week at 4:00 or 7:00 p.m. Others are held on weekends.
  • You can pursue a PhD in Education in conjunction with another degree program at CGU, such as an MA in Religion. You receive a diploma for each degree, “double count” some units from one program to the other, and decrease your required total units.
  • For those interested in a cohort-model PhD program for working professionals in urban K–16 education, check out our Urban Leadership PhD in Education program.

Program at a Glance

72 units

4–5 years

Fall | Spring | Summer

PhD in Education

Featured Courses

EDUC 441
Breaking the Cycle of Predictability

Examines the current situation of populations of students who have been historically unsuccessful in our schools and factors that have contributed to this cycle of predictability.

EDUC 457
Economics & Finance of Higher Education

Explores methods for practical and essential understanding of the financial nuances and current challenges of higher education.

EDUC 459
Historical & Philosophical Foundations of American Higher Education

Explores major trends in American higher education from colonial times to the present in political, social, and economic contexts within which American higher education has evolved.

Capstone (2 units)

Provides in-depth preparation and fundamental tools for the process of writing your research outline and dissertation proposal.

EDUC 580

Provides students with the opportunities to prepare for scholarly success, introduces major issues and seminal research in education, and helps students develop connections with one another and faculty to create a community of learners and scholars.

Areas of Concentration


Faculty & Research

  • Allen M. Omoto profile image

    Allen M. Omoto

    Interim Dean, School of Educational Studies
    Professor of Education & Psychology

    Research Interests

    Social psychology; Volunteerism and prosocial action; Environmental concerns; Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues; Civil engagement and civil society

  • Jacob Adams profile image

    Jacob Adams

    Interim President
    Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Education policy, finance, governance

  • Deborah Faye Carter profile image

    Deborah Faye Carter

    Associate Professor of Higher Education

    Research Interests

    Education, Higher education, Race and gender in education, Mentoring

  • Carl Cohn profile image

    Carl Cohn

    Clinical Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Education, Urban education, Education policy

  • David Drew profile image

    David Drew

    Professor of Education
    Joseph B. Platt Chair in the Management of Technology

    Research Interests

    STEM education, Statistical analyses, Model building

  • Philip Dreyer profile image

    Philip Dreyer

    Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychology

    Research Interests

    Developmental Psychology, Literacy

  • Tom Luschei profile image

    Tom Luschei

    Associate Professor of Education
    Co-director, Urban Leadership PhD Program

    Research Interests

    International and comparative education; Economics of education; Teacher labor markets and teacher quality; Education policy in Latin America and the United States; Bilingual education policy and practice

  • Dina C. Maramba profile image

    Dina C. Maramba

    Associate Professor of Higher Education

    Research Interests

    Equity and diversity issues in higher education; Theory and practice in student affairs; College student development; Access and retention; First-generation college students; Immigrant experience

  • William Pérez profile image

    William Pérez

    Associate Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Immigrant youth, Minority access to education, Ethnic identity and development, Academic achievement

  • Linda Perkins profile image

    Linda Perkins

    Associate University Professor
    Director, Applied Women’s Studies

    Research Interests

    Women and African-American higher education

  • Mary Simpson Poplin profile image

    Mary Simpson Poplin

    Professor of Education

    Research Interests

    Education, Effective teachers, K–12 Education

  • Deborah Deutsch Smith profile image

    Deborah Deutsch Smith

    Professor of Special Education
    Director of IRIS

    Research Interests

    Special education, Special education faculty, Disability policy, Learning disabilities, Cross-cultural and inclusive education

  • Kyo Yamashiro profile image

    Kyo Yamashiro

    Associate Professor of Education
    Co-director, Urban Leadership Program

    Research Interests

    Education policy and politics, Measuring school and classroom climate, Accountability and school quality, Choice and charter school reforms, Research use for improvement, College readiness, Organizational leadership, Complexity science

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