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The PhD program in Education is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to educational theory and research as well as to developing educational environments that are just, relevant, and rigorous.

CGU’s PhD program in Education is designed for working professionals interested in applying theory and research to important challenges in the field of education. You’ll conduct research in a diverse community of mature professionals who bring a wealth of educational experience to their scholarly endeavors. Faculty-scholars knowledgeable in education, sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, law, and more will help you design a PhD program that fits your individual background, interests, and educational goals, connecting you to disciplines outside education to broaden your perspective. Our program produces administrators, scholars, and educators who promote equity, excellence, accountability, and social justice in every area of education.

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72 units

4-7 years (depending upon full- or part-time status)

*Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

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PhD in Education

Featured Courses

EDUC 667
Research & Theory on Effective Schools & Teachers

Examines the literature on school and teacher effectiveness particularly as it relates to academically vulnerable children, adolescents, and young adults, as well as studying the history and current status of the achievement gap by race, language, and economic status.

EDUC 657
Access & Equity in Higher Education

Introduces the research, theoretical, and practical issues surrounding access to college and equity in higher education institutions as they relate to racial/ethnic minority groups and socioeconomic status.

EDUC 502
Preparing Highly Effective & Socially Just Educators

Introduces empirical and conceptual scholarship on preparing highly effective and socially-just educators in current accountability and social contexts. Explores the preparation of highly effective and socially-just educators, critical questions and perspectives, and implications for policy, practice, and research.

EDUC 425
Race & Racism in Education

Broadens student understanding of the foundations of racial inequities in education and how racism has shaped students’ educational experiences and outcomes.

EDUC 424
Gender & Education

Examines the historical and current debate surrounding the historical impact of gender on education—in particular the role of race, ethnicity, immigrant status, religion, sexual orientation, and social class.

EDUC 434
Inclusive Pedagogy

Introduces and analyzes inclusive pedagogies and practices in K-12 and higher education. Explores the differences between inclusion, equity, and diversity in education and educational experiences.

Degree Concentrations

Choosing a degree concentration is optional. Whether you choose one of the official concentrations below or not, you will be paired with a faculty mentor, and together design a doctoral program custom-fit to your aspirations and interests. Past students have focused on a myriad of topics, including gender equity, policy (sometimes focusing on the school, district, state or federal level), the school-to-prison pipeline, learning pedagogies, and family/school/community partnerships, professional development for K-12 educators, and undocumented youth.

Higher Education/Student Affairs

Take an approach to study based on a multidisciplinary view of theory and research and a commitment to developing educational environments that are just, relevant, and rigorous.

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K12 Education & Equity

Prepare for a career as a forward-thinking educator who focuses upon the important roles schools play to support our diverse communities.

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Urban Leadership

Join an innovative cohort program designed to meet the needs of urban K–14 educational leaders who have a demonstrated potential for leadership in education or a related field.

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