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“If you talk of 50 years of working life… you have to reinvent yourself. You have to make something different out of yourself, rather than just find a new supply of energy.” – Peter Drucker

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The SOAR Program will be offered as a multi-month experience with a three day on-campus experience April 12-14, 2024. Please inquire with questions at

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Live, Learn, and Create Like Peter Drucker

In 1971, after spending 28 years in American academia, Peter Drucker came to Claremont Graduate University. By this time, Drucker had already led several different lives: first fleeing the Nazis in Germany due to his critical journalism, then working in London as a bank economist, and finally residing in New York and Vermont where he held professorships in philosophy, politics, and management. Despite his numerous accomplishments, it was only after arriving at CGU that he embarked on his most productive phase. It was during this period that he produced the majority of his prolific writing and founded the school that now bears his name.

What Drucker discovered at CGU — the freedom to explore both new and established interests and the opportunity to develop ideas that would revolutionize business and society in the 21st Century — is what SOAR now offers to successful people seeking their next journey. With a foundation firmly rooted in both the liberal arts and business, CGU and the Drucker School of Management offer SOAR fellows the chance to embark on a new chapter of their lives, emphasizing personal development, societal impact, and transformative education. If you, like Peter Drucker, envision the most productive years of your life still ahead, SOAR can help you connect with your purpose and start afresh.

What Comes After Success?

With significant emphasis on “making it” in their career, many accomplished people experience a sense of loss following their achievements, accompanied by a lack of direction in navigating their future. Through SOAR, you will discover new pathways to meaning, community, and purpose within the unique learning environment of Claremont Graduate University, an institution focused solely on graduate-level education:

Personal development + education + community of learners = the path to reinvention

At Claremont Graduate University, we firmly believe in the power of thoughtful transition. When your career trajectory shifts or comes to an end, and you’re seeking a new journey to embark on, it’s time to join the path to personal revitalization. SOAR provides fellows with the opportunity to Seek, Observe, Act, and Renew, empowering them to make creative decisions about the next steps in their lives.

Together with your SOAR peers, you will experience the energizing effects of interpersonal exchanges. With a built-in community of individuals, you’ll feel the camaraderie that comes from exploring new interests and learning from world class professors and lecturers in a safe environment to think, consider, be vulnerable, and feel supported.

The Curriculum

The SOAR curriculum has been created by expert professors in the Drucker School of Management and the School of Arts and Humanities, and the School of Social Science to meet the needs of successful people transitioning in their careers. SOAR offers thoughtful perspectives across a variety of disciplines, with curriculum built around reflection, life design, self-development, and purpose.

Societal Impact

The SOAR program enables people to connect themselves and their journey to the complex challenges facing our world. Participants will engage in activities that allow them to explore their passions, learn about critical challenges facing the world, have an immediate impact, and begin to craft what they want to do next. Our collective interest in Societal Impact will be supported by the SOAR curriculum as well as speakers and general networking opportunities.

Time Commitment

The SOAR Program is three sessions covering all described material. Each session is three months. Online meetings are held before and after the core three-day session is held at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. The annual sequence is Session 1 in Spring, Session 2 in Fall, and Session 3 in Winter. There is value in each session independently and the highest value in the entire three session program.

Session 1 will be offered Spring 2024 with events beginning early March, the on-campus workshops April 12-14 2024, and concluding in early June. Please inquire for more details.

Program Fee

The fee for each session is $3995. Discounts are available for participants who commit to all three sessions in advance. Participants may sign up for Session 1 immediately using the Registration link. Please inquire for more details by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Participants are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements for the on-campus events.


Katharina Pick profile image

Katharina Pick

Clinical Associate Professor

Patricia Easton profile image

Patricia Easton

Professor of Humanities

Lori Anne Ferrell profile image

Lori Anne Ferrell

Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
Director, Early Modern Studies Program
Director, Kingsley & Kate Tufts Poetry Awards

Joshua Goode profile image

Joshua Goode

Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and History
Chair, Cultural Studies (Fall 2022)

Jeremy Hunter profile image

Jeremy Hunter

Associate Professor of Practice
Founding Director, Executive Mind Leadership Institute

Kristine Kawamura profile image

Kristine Kawamura

Clinical Professor of Management

Jeanne Nakamura profile image

Jeanne Nakamura

Associate Professor
Co-director, Quality of Life Research Center

David Sprott profile image

David Sprott

Henry Y. Hwang Dean, Drucker School of Management
Professor of Marketing

Hideki Yamawaki profile image

Hideki Yamawaki

Ito Chair of International Business and Professor of Management

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