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The Department of International Studies is entirely dedicated to research and teaching in the areas of international issues, including international and comparative politics, international economics, international strategies and management, global political economy, development, security and conflict, foreign policy, and global commerce and finance. All of our master’s and PhD programs emphasize rigorous training in theories, methodologies, and applications. Our faculty has a strong record of research and teaching, and we are deeply committed to the training of graduate students. In addition to these core faculty, we also boast excellent affiliated faculty from within Claremont Graduate University, The Claremont Colleges, and other institutions. Our fundamental objective is to help you—our students—achieve your professional goals. Let’s embark on this exciting academic journey together.


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Core Faculty
Mark Abdollahian profile image

Mark Abdollahian

Full Clinical Professor

Research Interests

Strategic Decision Making, International Political Economy, Sustainable Development

Yi Feng profile image

Yi Feng

Luther Lee Jr. Memorial Chair Professor

Research Interests

International Political Economy, International Relations, Political Economy of China and Latin America, Quantitative Methodology

Jacek Kugler profile image

Jacek Kugler

Elisabeth Helm Rosecrans Professor of International Relations

Research Interests

Causes and Consequences of War, Political Performance, Power Transition

Melissa Rogers profile image

Melissa Rogers

Associate Dean, School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation
Associate Professor, International Studies
Co-Director, Inequality and Policy Research Center
Field Chair, Comparative Politics

Research Interests

Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Economic Inequality

Sallama Shaker profile image

Sallama Shaker

Senior Fellow of Middle East & International Studies

Research Interests

Power Politics, Religion, and Culture in the Middle East; Feminization of Poverty and Global Challenges; Globalization


Extended Faculty – CGU
Stewart I. Donaldson profile image

Stewart I. Donaldson

Distinguished University Professor
Executive Director, Claremont Evaluation Center
Executive Director, The Evaluators' Institute (TEI)

Research Interests

Positive Organizational Psychology, Health/Well-Being & Positive Functioning Across Cultures, Program Design & Re-Design, Culturally Responsive Theory-Driven Measurement & Evaluation

Graham Bird profile image

Graham Bird

Clinical Professor of Economic Sciences
Program Director: International Money and Finance; International Economic and Development Policy
Co-Director: Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies

Research Interests

International Finance, International Macroeconomics, Economic Development

Mark Blitz profile image

Mark Blitz

Fletcher Jones Professor of Political Philosophy
Field Chair, Political Philosophy
Director, Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual Freedom

Research Interests

Political science, Philosophy, American politics

Heather E. Campbell profile image

Heather E. Campbell

Professor, Department of Politics & Government
Chair, Division of Politics & Economics
Field Chair, Public Policy

Research Interests

Public Policy, Urban Environmental Policy, Environmental Justice

C. Mónica Capra profile image

C. Mónica Capra

Professor of Economic Sciences

Research Interests

Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Neuroeconomics

Robert Klitgaard profile image

Robert Klitgaard

University Professor

Research Interests

Public Policy, Economic Strategy, Institutional Reform, Corruption

Tom Kniesner profile image

Tom Kniesner

University Professor

Research Interests

Labor Economics, Health Economics, Econometrics

Linda Perkins profile image

Linda Perkins

Associate University Professor
Director, Applied Gender Studies

Research Interests

Women and African-American higher education, history and contemporary issues on women in higher education, especially Black women, global gender issues.

Joshua Tasoff profile image

Joshua Tasoff

Associate Professor of Economic Sciences

Research Interests

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Microbial Economics

Paul J. Zak profile image

Paul J. Zak

Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management
Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies

Research Interests

Neuroeconomics, Neuroscience of Narratives, Neuromanagement


Emeriti Faculty

Jean Reith Schroedel

Professor Emerita of Political Science
Thornton F. Bradshaw Chair

Thomas Willett

Horton Professor of Economics
Professor Emeritus
Director, Claremont Institute for Economic Studies


Extended Faculty – Claremont Colleges

David Andrews

The Gabrielle Marie-Louise Jungels-Winkler Professor in Contemporary European Studies Professor of International Relations, Scripps College

Research Interests

Industrialized democracy, European Union

Nancy Neiman Auerbach

Professor of Politics and International Relations and the Mary W. Johnson Professorship in Teaching, Scripps College

Research Interests

Public policy, Microeconomics

Will Barndt

Assistant Professor of Political Studies, Pitzer College

Research Interests

Political participation, Latin America

Pierre Angelo de Pace

Associate Professor of Economics, Pomona College

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Quantitative methods

Pierre Englebert

H. Russell Smith Professor of International Relations and Professor of Politics, Pomona College

Research Interests

Development, Africa

Manfred Keil

Associate Professor of Economics, Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Macroeconomic forecasting, Quantitative methods

Aseema Sinha

The Wagener Chair of South Asian Politics and George R. Roberts Fellow, Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Political economy, South Asia


Adjunct Faculty

Levan Efremidze

Assistant Professor of Finance, Pepperdine University

Research Interests

Empirical Finance

John Rutledge

Adjunct Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Macro and financial economics, Complexity economics and finance

Clas Wihlborg

The Fletcher Jones Chair in International Business Research, Chapman University

Research Interests

Financial economics, International financial management

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  • Sean Buchanan

    Assistant Director of Admissions

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    E: sean.buchanan2@cgu.edu


    Psychology & Evaluation

  • Brian Ballesteros

    Assistant Director of Admissions

    T: 909-607-3925 (Direct)

    T: 909-607-7811 (Central Admissions)

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    Politics, Economics, International Studies

  • Heidi Kellam

    Assistant Director of Admissions

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    Leadership, Human Resource Management, Evaluation